Route des Seigneurs
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499 000,00 $
Manufacturer, developer, investor Large land area of 948,651 ft2 (88 132.6 m2) located in the beautiful town of Saint-André d'ArgenteuiI, between Route des Seigneurs and the Rivière-du-Nord. Come and discover beautiful recreational areas, tours, art and heritage. The land includes 600 meters along the Rivière-du-Nord, topography is flat with a pine plantation. Your immediate neighbor to the south is the municipality's Booster Station, therefore, the municipal water is available. Zoning is RUI-118 and allows subdivision into lots for residential construction. Municipal regulation requires a minimum frontage of 25 meters, a depth of 29 meters and an area of 1500 sq. m. Ideal for contractor or family domain.




Lot 4 610 498 du cadastre du Québec


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± 948 835 sq. ft. (88 132,6 sq. m.)

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Route des Seigneurs / raymond, Saint-André-d'Argenteuil, QC, Canada, 45.5800325, -74.3377676, 16, ElVSb3V0ZSBkZXMgU2VpZ25ldXJzICYgVGVycmFzc2UgUmF5bW9uZCwgU2FpbnQtQW5kcsOpLWQnQXJnZW50ZXVpbCwgUUMgSjBWIDFYMCwgQ2FuYWRhImYiZAoUChIJgZLpHDfFzkwRvsfLcvBPG9QSFAoSCYGS6Rw3xc5MEb7Hy3LwTxvUGhQKEgnrqHARMcXOTBHCLkCsYj4EvxoUChIJm0I3rTDFzkwRm-zvEOIWNMIiCg0F9iobFfT0sNM, Québec, QC, J0V 1X0, Canada, CA


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212 boulevard Labelle, bureau B
Rosemère (Québec) Canada J7A 2H4
Téléphone: 450 437-2222

Robert Duplantie

Alyssa Bleser

Courtier immobilier commercial
Commercial Real Estate Broker

514 884-1606
450 437-222 poste 238

Claudio Vendittelli

Courtier immobilier
Real Estate Broker

(450) 437-2222
(514) 992-2032

Robert Kerner

Courtier immobilier commercial
Commercial Real Estate Broker

(450) 437-2222

Sebastien Harvey

Vice-président, Capitaux privés
Vice-President, Private Capital

(450) 437-2222

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